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PM2 is managed with BitKeeper. Members of the PM2 team need to use it to acces PM2 repository.

What is needed:
  1. To install BitKeeper
  2. To use bk-pm2-utils

Getting BitKeeper archive


BitKeeper cannot be easily redistribuated. You need get the BitKeeper archive which can be found on the BitKeeper website, for example. You need to fill out the software download form in order to get instructions on how to download BitKeeper.

Depending weather you are a Debian administrator on your machine or not, the installation process differs (it is more automated for Debian users).

Debian users


You need to be root on a debian machine.

Add the correct sources in your /etc/apt/sources.list file if not already done. And then, type:

  apt-get update
  apt-get install bk-installer bk-pm2-utils
You can also be interested by the following packages:
  apt-get install bk-utils bk-el
To finish the setup to access PM2 software, read /usr/share/doc/bk-pm2-utils/README.

Non debian users


Use these instructions if you are not root or if you are not on a debian machine.

Install BitKeeper software by executing the archive you previously got from BitKeeper.

Various scripts and documentation can be found in the bk-utils source package. Get and extract the latest archive (tar.gz file below the binary packages). Use the file Makefile to install the software. The default installation directory is /usr/local/bin, to change it, call e.g.

  make install-bk-utils prefix=/usr
  make install-bk-pm2-utils prefix=/usr

You need to install, at least, the bk_ssh and bk-pm2-keygen into your PATH.

To finish the setup to access PM2 software, read the doc/README file.

Other stuff


On the same page, you can find various packages that are BitKeeper related. You can try it if you want.

For example, the bk-el package makes emacs BitKeeper aware.