#include "customize.wml"
#use wml::Utils::template
#use wml::Utils::menu title="Research"
#use wml::Utils::newframe
#use wml::Utils::gettext

;;;  <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=5 width="98%">
;;;  <tr><td>
  <frame title="Research" name="research">
   <p>My PhD thesis is about a distribuated multithreaded
   environment <a href="http://www.pm2.org">PM2</a>.</p>

   <p>I develop the thread library <a href="marcel.html">Marcel</a> 
   which is a two-level scheduling thread library. It's interface is closed to
   the POSIX one but our main goal is performances. </p>

   <p>I modified the linux kernel, too. I have implemented a revisited model of
   the <a href="linux-activations.html">Scheduler Activations</a>. </p>

   <p>You may want to consult my <a href="publications.html">list of publications</a> or
   my <a href="linux-activations.html">page about activations</a> for further informations.</p>

  <frame title="Teaching" name="teaching" note="note de test">
    <p>More to come. ad text a litle longer here</p>
;;;  </br>
;;;  </td></tr>
;;;  </table>