Emacs init file written in org-mode


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This file used to hold my .emacs configuration file (more precisely my ~/.emacs.d/init.el configuration). I stole it from Luka Stanisic who stole parts from mine a long time ago and cleaned (with org-mode) and improved everything. It was so convenient that I decided it was time to share it and I was really happy to receive positive feedback on it. Unfortunately, when people were using it there were often several compatibility issues (in particular on Mac OS X or Windows).

So a simplified and improved version is available here. I strongly suggestion you follow the instructions given in the "A simple ”reproducible research” emacs configuration section of the tutorial we wrote for the MOOC on Reproducible Research.

More generally, I strongly recommand you to follow the awesome (ok, I may be biased here! ;) MOOC entitled “Reproducible research: Methodological principles for a transparent science”.