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For two days, I had the chance to attend the R^4 workshop at Orléans and where I had the chance to meet a part of the French community interested in reproducible research. I gave an introduction talk on Reproducible Research, Open Science: Motivation, Challenges, Approaches, … as well as a demo on "Litterate Programming using org-mode". All talks were very nice and instructive and it was really nice to associate faces to names or projects I only knew from emails or the web.

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for i in arnaud_legrand.pdf roberto_di_cosmo.pdf guillaume_chevrot.pdf \
   pacome_eberhart.pdf philippe_langlois.pdf eva_theumann.pdf \
   nicolas_rougier.pdf david_hill.pdf lucas_nussbaum.pdf \
   sebastien_li-thiao-te.pdf ; do 

Since I had doubts about the stability of the url where the pdf have been made available, I've backed up the slides here for further use: