Talk at ILEA


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I'm currently visiting Porto Alegre for two weeks and Philippe Navaux asked me to briefly participate to a series of lectures aimed at the general public. Building on this previous talk I have thus given a short talk on Large Scale Computing Infrastructure Challenges.


The other speakers were:

So I was really a junior here. :) I didn't really know the rules of the game so I had prepared a really general public talk to give a feeling of the kind of challenges that can computer scientists have to face.

Although the audience was not only comprising computer scientists I have to say that some of the other speakers prepared a much deeper discussion on the impact of computer science on society, on ethics, on the scientific approach, and so on. So I really enjoyed all these discussions and was fully in line with these talks, in particular the one of Sergio Bampi, which was quite provocative but perfectly sound, and that I particularly enjoyed. :)