Keynote at SimuTools


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I have been kindly invited to give a keynote at SimuTools. I have presented the efforts of the SimGrid project over the last years to improve the quality of our simulation and methodologies. The pitch was similar to the one of our never-ending article on SimGrid 3. Simulators are often described in term of accuracy, validity, and versatility and since these characteristics are generally seen as "contradictory" and simulation developpers often trade one for the others way too early in the development process. I have briefly explained that hard work and complementary skills (in maths, modeling, system-level programming and even assembly code) could allow to design simulators that are extremely good for all characteristics and provide better results than pre-existing ad hoc simulators. The talk was concluded with discussions on open science and reproductibility issues. I enjoyed it a lot! :)

Here is the final presentation.