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<frame title="News">
  <newsentry header="Refresh" pubdate="2006-06-05">
    Quick refresh of this site. This page should be more
  up-to-date. Most of the others are probably not really up-to-date.
  Only publications and debian packages are regulary updated.
  <newsentry header="At least" pubdate="2001-10-03">
    At least, I've a homepage. I stolen the design from 
    <a href="http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~alegrand">Alvin's one</a> and
    <a href="http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~mquinson">MT's one</a>.


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<frame title="who.am.i">
  <dl class="infos">
    <dd>Vincent Danjean</dd>


    <dd>a wonderful wife named Claire</dd>

    <dd>I make some research at the <a href="http://www-id.imag.fr">ID
    Laboratory</a> and teaching at the <a
    href="http://www.ujf-grenoble.fr">Joseph Fourier University</a>. I
    work in the <a href="http://moais.imag.fr/">MOAIS</a> project.

    I used to be a PhD. student at the <a
    href="http://www.ens-lyon.fr/LIP">LIP</a> and the <a
    href="http://www.labri.fr/">LaBRI</a> (Parallel Computing
    Labs.) located in the "<a href="http://www.ens-lyon.fr">École
    Normale Superieure de Lyon</a>" and in the "<a
    href="http://www.univ-bordeaux1.fr">Université Bordeaux 1</a>"
    under the supervision of <a
    href="http://dept-info.labri.fr/~namyst/">Raymond Namyst</a>.

    <dd>reading, hacking around linux, listening to mp3s... 
    in a word: a <a href="http://www.copinedegeek.com">geek</a> :o)</dd>

    <dt>gpg public key:</dt>
    <dd><a href="pubkey.asc">ID 0x9D025E87</a></dd>


<frame title="links.">
  <dl class="links">
    <dt><a href="http://www.google.com">google.com</a></dt>
    <dd>a great search engine</dd>
    <dt><a href="http://www.debian.org">debian.org</a></dt>
    <dd>the best linux distribution I know</dd>