#include "customize.wml"
#use wml::Utils::template
#use wml::Utils::menu" title="Unofficial Debian Packages
#use wml::Utils::newframe
#use wml::Utils::gettext
#use tag::Utils::pkgdeb

<frame Title="Sources" name="sources">
 I unofficially maintain a set of debian package. I maintain them for
 the unstable release and sometimes for the stable release (upon request).
 If you are interested, you can try to replace 'unstable' by 'stable' in the
 URL bellow (and mail me if you want I add/update a stable package).
 To access them, add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
 deb http://people.debian.org/~vdanjean/debian unstable main enslyon
 deb-src http://people.debian.org/~vdanjean/debian unstable main enslyon</pre>
;;; <pre>
;;; deb http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~vdanjean/debian unstable main
;;; deb-src http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~vdanjean/debian unstable main</pre>
;;; <p>
;;; Due to frequent out of srevice of the previous server, 
;;; These packages are
;;; mirrored. So the following sources can also be used:
;;; </p>
;;; <pre>
;;; deb http://luet.free.fr/debian unstable main enslyon
;;; deb-src http://luet.free.fr/debian unstable main enslyon</pre>
;;; <p>Note that the previous mirror (dept-info.labri.fr) is not maintained
;;; anymore</p>
 ;;; <p>or</p>

 <frame Title="Security" name="security">
 <p>All my packages and lists are signed with my private key. My public key
 is available on my <a href="index.html">home page</a> or from any public
 gpg or pgp key servers.</p>
 <p>if "apt-get update" gives you warning about an unverified key such as
 mine (NO_PUBKEY F6AEF2AFD17897FA), you can get it with (for example):
 gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net --recv-key F6AEF2AFD17897FA
 gpg --export --armor F6AEF2AFD17897FA | apt-key add -</pre>
 <p>Note that you should really read the documentation about apt-key and
 gpg if you are concerned (and you should) by security and you do not
 understand what you do with the two lines above.


<frame title="List" name="summary">
 <h3><a href="#main">main</a></h3>
 <pkgdeb:summary debroot="debian" components="main" />
 <h3><a href="#enslyon">enslyon</a></h3>
 <pkgdeb:summary debroot="debian" components="enslyon" />

<frame title="Details for main" name="main">
 <pkgdeb:details debroot="debian" dists="*" components="main" />

<frame title="Details for enslyon" name="enslyon">
 <pkgdeb:details debroot="debian" components="enslyon" />