Research activities

My research mainly focuses on performance evaluation of large-scale computer systems. A typical application is heavy scientific computations. More precisely, I'm interested both in analytical tools (Markovian) and scalable numerical and simulation techniques for modeling large systems.

Here is my academic resumé (last updated 2015)


My recent publications are listed on the Hal open archive.

A complete list of publications before 2012 is also available with links for downloads.

Sorry, no complete up-to-date list is available due to a recent change of the lab’s favourite bibliographic tool. Please send me an email in case of dead/missing links for PDFs.


Past projects



I addition to my students I’v worked mainly with:

More on the Research environment in Grenoble

The Grenoble research environment in Computer Science is particularly rich and complex due to historical reasons. A brief map of our main CS research entities is provided on G. Mounié’s webpage.

A short presentation of the french public research system is available in french on the Research and Higher Education ministry website : Où se fait la recherche?